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Mutual Funds : Investing in Cannabis

Posted by Frank Gasper on 19 July 2018
Mutual Funds : Investing in Cannabis

Due Diligence & How We Work to Minimize Risk

The media is full of reference and reports related to the Cannabis industry especially here in Canada.  In any industry there are companies that will prevail and companies that will fail, so who and where should you invest?  In-order-to best serve my clients, I personally attend meetings, seminars as-well-as read reports so I can help my clients make well informed decisions regarding investing.  I want to clear the smoke and help my clients achieve their goals where possible and minimize their exposure to undue risk while focusing on Cannabis.

Recently, I attended a seminar focusing on the Cannabis and alternative healthcare industry.  The seminar was presented by Charles Taerk of Faircourt Asset Management, sub-advisor for Ninepoint UIT Alternative Health Fund.  Charles shared information and insights regarding:

  • History of Legalization of Cannabis
  • Expected Market Growth / Opportunities
  • The State of Production
  • How to Value Producers (Economics)
  • Institutional Approach to Investing in Cannabis

My goal is to increase my knowledge of an industry that even national drug companies are aligned to work with.  I have many questions that I would like to get answered but if you have questions of your own please send them to me by responding to this post or emailing me.

In the coming weeks, I would like to connect with my individuals who want to learn more about investing in the Cannabis industry.  I am more than happy to share my thoughts and insights with you so you can understand:

  • What are the issues and opportunities when investing in the Cannabis industry?
  • What are the potential pitfalls so one can avoid them?
  • With Canada being the 5th country to legalize the use of cannabis, what will happen to investments as more competitors enter the market?

If you are interested in learning more or know someone who could benefit from this education session, please share this post and register for my newsletter to find out more.  Please share this post because many people are thinking about investing in this area but are not always comfortable discussing it openly because of the stigma associated with Cannabis.

Frank Gasper
Financial Advisor
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