More than smart investing & honest advice, we're with you every step of the way.


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More than smart investing & honest advice. We’re with you every step of the way.

Financial Planning Can Be Simple With CSR Wealth

When it comes to long-term financial goals, getting there on your own can sometimes be difficult. You may not know how to effectively manage your investments or thoroughly plan for your comfortable retirement. That’s exactly why you need professional advice and a financial advisor in Brampton that you can truly trust and confide in.

About Our Financial Advisor

Frank Gasper lives and works in Brampton, Ontario with his family. As a husband, father to three daughters, grandfather to two, entrepreneur and homeowner, he knows all about the challenges of making money stretch to meet all of your financial needs and goals.

His honest, straightforward approach to financial planning and investing is ideal for people who are interested in learning more about personal financial responsibility, want to create a financial plan to help them set goals and who are committed to seeing it through.
As your financial advisor, Frank makes himself available to his clients anytime, for questions big or small. He takes the time to get to know your family and your personal financial situation so that he can make sure your investment plan is thorough, your specific needs are met, and your loved ones are protected.

Services Offered:

Why Contact CSR Wealth Management

A financial advisor is for anyone. If you own your own business, require advice about financial risks, have specific financial goals you want to achieve, want to ensure you retire comfortably, have questions about life insurance, or want to ensure a thorough estate plan, you can call CSR Wealth. Frank will assist you by creating personalized financial strategies, help you determine where there could be improvement, and overall, just be there for you every step of the way. If you also find yourself in one of the following categories, Frank is here to support you and see your financial strategy to success:

Just Starting Out

As a parent of young adults in their twenties and early thirties, Frank is well-versed at helping young people begin their investment journey including saving for a home, travelling, retirement and/or planning for a family. Getting started can seem daunting, but not with a professional and experienced advisor by your side.

In the Thick Of It

If you are well established in your career and are juggling a mortgage, education savings, child care costs, and saving for retirement, Frank knows first-hand what this is like and has some great ideas for how to make this a little less painful. He can help you determine and stick to a budget.

Those Looking To Retire or Are Retired

Frank also enjoys offering guidance to those who are preparing for retirement or are retired. These clients have told him they like knowing they can call Frank, a familiar voice, when they want advice on tax planning, income splitting, deciding whether to delay CPP and OAS or wealth management in general.

Living With A Disability

Frank has a special interest in Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSPs). He offers help to individuals and families applying for the RDSP, including navigating the application process, understanding how to maximize the government grant and/or bond and ensuring the beneficiary is set up for a solid financial future.

What Can Frank Gasper's Clients Expect?

Schedule A Call With Frank Today

There’s a lot you want to achieve in your lifetime. If it seems out of reach, you need a financial advisor to help you realize that everything is achievable with the proper support and financial plan put in place. For more information, schedule a 15-minute call with Frank today to discuss your needs or answer any questions.

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