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Financial Plan Brampton

A Financial Plan is a complete financial analysis, customized for each client or family, that considers all of their personal financial goals, including making sure they are prepared for anything life delivers. For our client’s convenience, we generally meet at their home, allowing for the whole family to be part of the conversation.

Wealth management infographic for life planning

A Financial Plan may include advice about things like:

  • Managing a budget to make money stretch
  • Tackling debt (Examples: student loans, mortgages, a line of credit or credit cards)
  • Strategies for saving for short term and long term goals (Examples: a home, parental leave, emergency fund or travel)
  • Saving for a child’s education
  • Maximizing available grants
  • What does your employee pension plan and/or insurance plan cover?
  • Life insurance to protect loved ones from a financial burden
  • Retirement plan: How much do you need? Where will your retirement income come from? What does your corporate plan cover?
  • Estate plan: Leaving an inheritance. Making sure finances are in order. Making sure things like a family cottage are considered.

Once we have a Financial Plan in place, we’ll help you choose products that match your risk tolerance and will help you reach your goals in the most efficient way. We also provide resources to help you understand these products and we are always available to answer questions, big or small. Lastly, we meet with you annually to identify new opportunities and ensure you are on track to meet your financial goals.

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