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Frank’s clients are looking for a trusted financial advisor to help them organize and plan their finances pre- and post-retirement in a way that benefits their family the most. Some already have investments but want more support than they are getting and others are looking for a second opinion.

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Frank Gasper is the owner and financial advisor at CSR Wealth Management and has 25 years experience helping people. He is a life insurance broker who offers personalized financial planning and wealth management, life insurance, honest advice and investment management all in one place.  

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Frank helps individuals and families manage their money at every stage of life, so that they can stop spending time worrying about finances and start spending time with the people they love and doing the things they enjoy. 

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Articles About Personal Finance

The TFSA is one of the most misunderstood accounts amongst Canadians, which is a shame because it has so much potential to add a financial cushion to retirement. This article aims to solve the mystery of what a TFSA is, so that Canadians can start using them to their benefit.

Looking For a Second Opinion?

Maybe you already have a financial planner or have access to one through your bank, but you’d like reassurance that their advice is in your best interest? Or maybe they aren’t offering advice at all?

Feel free to book a complimentary appointment with me for a second opinion. I will review your investment portfolio with you and provides you financial planning and wealth management and let you know if you’re invested in the right accounts and what you could do differently to reach your financial goals sooner.

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