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Financial Advisor Brampton, Ontario

Frank Gasper lives and works in Brampton, Ontario with his family. As a husband, father to three daughters, grandfather to two, entrepreneur and home owner, he knows all about the challenges of making money stretch.

His honest, straight-forward approach to financial planning and investing is ideal for people who are interested in learning more about personal finance, want to create a financial plan to help them set goals and who are committed to seeing it through.

As your dedicated financial advisor, Frank makes himself available to his clients anytime, for questions big or small. He takes the time to get to know your family and your personal financial situation so that he can make sure your investment plan is thorough and works hard to protect your loved ones.

Services Frank Gasper offers:

  • Low-fee ETF investments through Glidepath Portfoilio Services
  • Customized investment portfolio with your own dedicated manager
  • Advice and education about the RRSP/RRIF, LIRA/LIF, RESP, RDSP and TFSA
  • Personalized financial plans for all stages of life, reviewed annually
  • Life & disability insurance for different stages of life (if needed)
  • Preparing for retirement
  • Estate planning
  • Group RRSP matching and health benefit plans for small businesses

Who should contact Frank Gasper?

Frank’s ideal clients are those who are open to learning more about personal finance but like the idea of having help along the way. They want to invest in order to reach their financial goals, even though it might seem daunting, and are comforted in knowing they can call Frank when they have questions or when things in their life changes and they need to revise their financial plan.

Investing to reach financial goals with help, every step of the way; that’s what Frank Gasper offers.

Just Starting Out

As a parent of 20-somethings, Frank is well versed at helping young people begin their investment journey including saving for a home, travel, retirement and/or planning for a family.

In the Thick Of It

Many of his clients are well established in their careers and are juggling a mortgage, education savings, child care costs, and saving for retirement. He knows first hand what this is like and has some great ideas for how to make this a little less painful.

Retirement is Near or Here

Frank also enjoys offering guidance to those who are perparing for retirement or are retired. These clients have told him they like knowing they can call Frank, a familiar voice, when they want advice on minimizing taxes, income splitting, deciding whether to delay CPP and OAS, estate planning or making their retirement dollars stretch.

People with disabilities

Finally, Frank has a special interest in Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSPs). He offers help to individuals and families applying for the RDSP, including navigating the application process, understanding how to maximize the government grant and/or bond and ensuring the beneficiary is set up for a solid financial future.

What Can Frank Gasper's Clients Expect?

  • Education & resources on personal finance to ensure you can make informed decisions
  • Low-fee ETF investments through Glidepath Portfolio Services so you keep more of your money
  • Investment portfolio by a dedicated manager at Glidepath customized to your risk tolerance and personal finance goals
  • Personalized financial plan, reviewed and adjusted annually as your life changes
  • Financial advice anytime you need it directly from Frank Gasper, something our clients tell us gives them a sense of comfort
  • Monthly newsletter with reminders and financial updates to keep you up to date and esnure you don’t miss important deadlines
  • Online access to your investment portfolio for peace of mind and a sense of control

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