Are GICs Right for You?

A Guaranteed Investment Certificate or GIC can be an effective investment option in certain situations. When a GIC investment in Brampton makes sense for a client, I use CashiQ Inc., a secure, digital investment platform offering some of the highest interest rates for GIC wealth management in Brampton in Canada.

These are the current GIC rates available through CashiQ :

1 yr  

2 yrs  

3 yrs  

4 yrs  

5 yrs  

If you are considering a GIC book a meeting with me. I'll answer your questions and give you the information you need, (including the tax implications), to decide if a GIC investment is right for you.

3 Reasons to Consider a GIC

About CashiQ

CashiQ Inc. is a secure, digital investment platform offering some of the highest interest rates for GICs by searching for the best rates across all Canadian banks, trust companies and credit unions and delivering them on one convenient platform.

As a client of CSR Wealth Management, you will have access to:

  • A large selection of GICs through the CashiQ platform with some of the highest interest rates in Canada.
  • A simple and fast way to purchase GICs online.
  • GICs that are fully insured by the CDIC.


What is a GIC?

Guaranteed investment certificate or GIC is a low-risk investment since interest rates are fixed for a specific “locked-in” amount of time. The small risk is not being able to access the funds while held in the GIC, without a financial penalty. (This is the most basic type of GICs, however, there are more flexible versions).

You can choose the amount of time to invest in a GIC wealth management; usually 6 months to 5 years. When the investment matures the principal plus guaranteed interest is paid out. 

Note that interest from a GIC is subject to tax at your marginal tax. When the tax is payable depends on whether it’s held in a registered or non-registered account. Be sure you understand the tax implications before purchasing a GIC.


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