Disability And RDSP

What is the RDSP?

The RDSP is a government regulated savings plan intended to encourage individuals under 49 with a disability or families with a child who has a disability, to save for their future. The government will pay matching grants of 300%, 200%, or 100%, depending on the beneficiary’s adjusted family net income and the amount contributed and up to $70,000 over a lifetime. RDSP funds can be used in future to supplement income, cover medical or living costs or anything else.

Frank is an RDSP expert and has helped many clients apply and set one up for either themselves or their child. He helps clients with:

  • Applying for the disability tax credit (required to apply for the RDSP)
  • Applying for the RDSP and securing the child disability tax grant (CDSG)
  • Advice on the best way to invest the funds within a RDSP to match the beneficiaries timelines and needs.
  • Making withdrawals from the RDSP in a strategic and sustainable way when the beneficiary is ready to do so (usually after age 49).

The RDSP can make an incredible difference financially to someone with a disability. Don’t let the process of applying intimidate you. We’re here to help you.

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