Frank’s typical clients:

My typical clients are looking for a trusted financial advisor who will help them organize, plan and invest their finances in a way that benefits them most, whether it be to build wealth, strategically draw down savings in retirement or plan their estate. They also want to be able to call someone they know, anytime they need to, for financial advice.

Families who have a child with a disability, or individuals under 49 years of age who have a disability themselves, are looking for expertise and support as they navigate aid like the disability tax credit (DTC) and registered disability savings plan (RDSP). 

And clients want all of the above in one place, for a reasonable fee.

In exchange, I welcome clients who are committed to getting their finances organized, are willing to take the steps they need to make their plan work for them and are engaged in staying on top of their plan through regular meetings.

Below is a brief description of my most typical clients.


The Earning Years

Our typical clients:

  • 30-50 years old
  • Individual or married couple, with/without children
  • Household income of $70k - 100k+
  • Questions about the RRSP, TFSA, RESP, life insurance, pension
  • Interested in learning how to optimize cash flow to build wealth
  • Focused on saving for a child’s education and/or retirement
  • Ready to commit to aligning investments with financial goals


    Retired or Near Retirement

    Our typical clients:

    • 50+ years old
    • Investable assets of $300k+
    • Questions about their RRSP/RRIF, TFSA, LIRA/LIF, pension
    • Committed to maximizing savings in final working years
    • Want guidance on work pension and/or CPP
    • Focused on minimizing taxes in retirement and estate planning
    • Want to leave a legacy for family or to charity
    retired couple


      mother and daughter

      Individual or Child with a Disability & their Family

      Our typical clients:

      • Individual (under age 49) or parent/guardian of a child with a disability
      • Qualify for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC)
      • Household income of $70k - 100k+
      • Focused on learning more about the RDSP & Henson Trust
      • Committed to saving for future financial stability